Core values

Established in 1981, PMS provides marketing and business strategy consulting services in food, agribusiness and related bioscience sectors, including research.

We have certain core values which underpin everything we do:

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PMS has built a reputation for exceptional integrity. It means that we're trusted with highly sensitive commercial data - for example in our Benchmarking work. It also means that we can access our network at the strategic level. Finally, it means that we are extremely careful and sensitive about any potential conflict of interest - and if there may be one, we will, and do, drop out.

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Our reputation and value is only as good as our advice. Our clients know that "We tell it as we see it" - however uncomfortable or unexpected this may be. In all major projects we also include a No-go clause - that is, if we reach a point where, in our view, further work is not justified then the client can opt out and only pro rata fees are payable.

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Among the reasons why companies use consultancy is to force absolute focus on an issue. In today's lean and competitive environment, in-house resources to deliver such focus are often just not available.

It follows that clients need and expect absolute commitment from consultants. The personal nature of PMS, the use of Principals to do the work and the fact that we are well-known in the sectors we serve, all mean that for us it is commitment or bust (literally).

Equally, we expect our clients to get involved as the process demands it - the issue has to matter for both sides.

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Client Pay-off

We believe that our philosophy of the Principals doing the work, a highly personal approach and our real knowledge of the sectors we serve, mean that client pay-off is maximised. But don't just take our word for it - take a look at what our clients say about us!

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We take what we do very seriously. But we also think that there needs to be some space not just to ensure the right rapport between the team and with the client, but also to allow the information and knowledge gained to flow around a bit and to sink in - rather like a good bottle, time to breathe is a good idea.

So, for good professional reasons you understand, we try to include time to have a little fun.

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