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Our main business is general management consultancy in marketing and business strategy in the agrifood and bioscience sectors. There is lots of information around the site which explains our consultancy operations.

But, in addition, we have developed a number of related products - notably Market Square (mapping) and Prime Numbers (benchmarking and other business comparisons).

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Market SquareTM

This uses a grid based means of using the MAFF/Scottish Office agricultural census data. Excellent mapping software is now available on PCs and this really does make the data come to life.

However this software is not that easy to use and we have found that unless someone in the business really knows how to drive it, then you do not get the most out of the data.

This is where we can help. We can do all the analysis for you and if you have internet access (or better still video conferencing) we can deliver the results and answer your What-if? questions in real-time.

Give me a ring or send an email to discuss any mapping approach/need.

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Prime NumbersTM

Over the years, we have built a reputation for the provision of comparative business data. By understanding the industry and knowing what data is critical (as opposed to being "nice to have"), we ensure the right comparisons are made. It also means that we know what the ball park numbers should look like (less chance of junk in-junk out).

Also participants have come to learn that not only can we be trusted with very sensitive data but also that we cannot be pressurised into making off-the-cuff remarks or inadvertent partial disclosures. This all adds up to integrity and valid comparisons.

Have a look at the Benchmarking part of the site to see what we mean and what we're doing at the moment.

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