International Competitiveness

Global Primary Food Chain Competitiveness
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View the presentation as a PowerPoint Animation.

  • This requires the Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Player, but gives the optimimum viewing experience. The presentation is displayed complete with all animated effects. The presenation is stored in a highly compressed format but it's still quite a large file (more than 380KB) so it'll take a while to download before you see the first slide.
  • The Player is quite a substantial download (more than 1MB) but you only have to download it once. Therafter you will be able to view any Micosoft PowerPoint Animations on this and other sites.
  • If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser the Player will download and install automatically, as an Active-X control.
  • If you are using Netscape's Navigator or Communicator browser you will have to download the Player plug-in.
    Download Download the Player
  • You will then need to install the Player and finally close and reopen your browser before you can view the presentation.

If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, or you have already doonwlaoded and installed the Player for Netscape then:

Click here to view the presentation as a PowerPoint Animation.

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View the presentation as standard HTML

  • You don't need to download anything, but the viewing experience is less than optimal.
  • You won't see animated effects and the slide images will be relatively small.
  • Although the slide images are small they are still large files (more than 60KB each) so they'll take a while to download.

Click here to view the presentation as standard HTML pages.

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Download and view off-line

  • If you have Microsoft PowerPoint 95 (or higher) installed on your computer you may choose to download the presenation file and view it off-line.
  • To download the presentation , right click on the link below and choose 'Save target as' or 'Save link as' depending on your browser.

intcompt.ppt (30 slides, 1.5MB)

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